The State of Business Operations 2022

The state of business operations is strong. It’s also in flux. The enterprise is as invested in internal service teams and business operations teams as it’s ever been. (Much of the excitement about tools such as no-code and automation platforms, for example, is rooted in their capacity for empowering business operations teams to do more on their own to move their organizations forward, and increasingly, it is the business operations function that automation and low-code/no-code platforms are employed to empower.)

But business operations professionals remain encumbered by challenges and limitations that hold them back from playing a larger, more impactful role in digital transformation efforts. They need something different.

These are a few of the findings from Tonkean’s 2022 State of Business Operations report, our annual survey of hundreds of IT and operations professionals across the enterprise world on the shifting needs, priorities, and hopes of the operations world. We published those findings today. You can download the report here.

What else will you learn in The State of Business Operations 2022? A variety of questions are answered, including:

  • How many organizations view business operations teams as truly important to their mission?
  • Do budgets for automation remain high?
  • How much is low-code/no-code being used, really?
  • Are most operations teams or the organizations they work for satisfied with the state of their technology? How often, really, are projects and initiatives delayed by operational complexity or a lack of technical resources?
  • Also: organizations know they need to improve their processes in order to accelerate innovation, improve the employee experience, and optimize their operations for agility. Business operations teams are the ones who are being looked to to lead that charge. But they’re not yet able to. What are the challenges and limitations holding business operations back—and what exactly do they need instead?

Of course, that’s not all. Among other things, our report also dives deeper into what we can expect to see from business operations in the future—as well as why it’ll be such a key player in bringing that future to pass.

Download The State of Business Operations 2022 for free.