Gartner® Innovation Insight for Citizen Automation and Development Platforms

What's in this Report?

In Gartner's 2021 Reimagining Technology Work Survey, respondents indicated that, on average, business technologists make up 41% of their organization’s workforce. When you pan out to include operations professionals, that number jumps higher.

Gartner mentions, “Business technologists and other citizen personas play a key role in automation and application development.”

That’s not all Gartner found. Rather, when these non-IT users have access to intuitive, self-service tools, they are empowered to independently build solutions for their business units.

It’s where platforms like Tonkean come in. What Gartner calls "Citizen automation and development platforms (CADPs)"—or, as we think of Tonkean, process experience platforms—have emerged as a new class of solutions that target the needs of operations professionals, often by providing no-code builder experiences.

Download this complimentary Gartner report to learn more about the next generation of solution builders being adopted by enterprises.

What you'll gain from the report:

  1. Benefits, uses, and adoption tips for CADPs and process experience tools
  2. Strategies for integrating process experience platforms and CADPs to into your operations
  3. Vendors to consider if your organization is ready to improve process experiences