Contract Review

Reviewing contracts has been a manual and complex task for legal ops teams. With intelligent automation and process experience software, it doesn't have to be.

Contract Review
Contract Review

Contract review: common, but time-consuming

Legal professionals and legal operations teams field all kinds of requests via their legal matter intake channels. One of the most common is the request to review contracts.

But just because it's common doesn't mean it's easy.

  • Requests to review and approve contracts come to legal from all kinds of different channels—Slack, Teams, Email, etc.
  • The person sending in the contract often wants it reviewed and approved quickly.
  • Just as often, employees aren't aware of legal's preferred process for triaging intake requests—so they work around those requests, mandating more manual work for legal. (67% of employees admit to skipping legal policies and procedures.)
  • Part of the challenge, for legal, is making sure each contract is reviewed and approved quickly. But a perhaps even bigger challenge is keeping track of what's been asked of them, and by whom.

Automatically triage inbound requests for contract review

Contract review

With Tonkean, legal operations teams can automate much of this work.

Tonkean works with many of the world's leading enterprises—including Google, Workday, and Instacart—to help them automate the way they handle processes related to legal matter intake... including contract review.

The first step is triage.

  1. With Tonkean, legal teams can create automations that will automatically and comprehensively monitor intake channels.
  2. When end-users submit a request, Tonkean will reply to them with a prompt asking them to include more information.
  3. From there, Tonkean will automatically discern and define what kind of contract it is and route it to the team member best suited to review and approve it.

Visibility into the status of every inbound request

Contract review

Using Tonkean's legal operations portal, legal teams enjoy end-to-end visibility across all intake channels. This allows them to view their backlog of requests, how they've been categorized, and how they're being worked on—all in one place.

The idea is legal teams need to be able to understand, quickly, what's coming their way and how it's being triaged. Keeping track of this manually is a huge expenditure of time and energy. Allowing Tonkean to handle this for you gives you that time and energy back.

Increase adoption of your preferred process for submitting requests

Tonkean integrates with any and all applications and systems your organization might use. These include messaging platforms from which end-users might submit requests for contract review, as well as what-all matter management solutions and CLMs the legal team might use.

This end-to-end integration works both ways, in that it allows legal to create processes that meet every stakeholder in the process where they are, when they're there.

  • Sales can submit requests for contract reviews to the legal team from whatever application environment they enjoy using. The requests will be funneled into one place for the legal team.
  • And requests for further action or approval on the part of the requestor can be sent directly to them, back in their preferred application environment.
  • Nobody needs to learn how to use a new interface or even log in to a new platform. To adopt or abide by legal's preferred process for submitting requests, the requester in fact doesn't need to do anything differently at all.

That said, in the event that employees outside of the legal department want to learn more about how to better work with the legal ops team, Tonkean's legal operations portal provides legal ops teams many different opportunities to share knowledge articles and best practices.

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Reviewing contracts has been a manual and complex task for legal ops teams. With intelligent automation and process experience software, it doesn't have to be.

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I have seen first-hand the impact that Tonkean can make in transforming complex processes at enterprise scale, resulting in millions of dollars saved from removing time-consuming manual tasks and eliminating other one-off solutions, Empowering an operations team to be innovative while reducing change management is a game changer.
Mary O'Carroll, former President of CLOC and Head of Legal Operations at Google.
Tonkean has been great for our team because we can supplement certain business practices that we've been doing manually and automate them and we don't need to involve business technology we can take risks we can try things out because it's us doing the no code behind the scenes which I think is really key and impactful and we can see the ROI and benefit right off the bat.
Frances Pomposo, Senior Director of Legal Operations and Chief of Staff to General Counsel
Easy to use, non coding automation platform w/ valuable customer support. Tonkean has increased our efficiency by reducing manual processes. By taking out the human in the loop when not necessary, we can also reduce errors caused by manual input.
Stephanie Cline, Team Lead, Front-Line Operation