We believe in people.

Digital transformation is not achieved when you put data in a database.

50% of people’s time is still wasted on coordination and bureaucracy.

We are here to change that.

Enterprise software is misused and underutilized.

When used correctly, technology becomes a lever to help people truly focus on high value work. Not on inputting redundant data into dozens of apps or chasing next steps.

Better business outcomes, happier people.

Our mission is to transform how businesses operate by transforming how they leverage smart technology—along with how we, as humans, experience it.

Sagi Eliyahu
Co-Founder & CEO, Tonkean
Our Team

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On our journey, we’ve been joined by passionate, driven, creative, and fun-loving people that want to bring more meaning to work
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Tel Aviv, Israel

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Haifa, Israel

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Our Core Values

This is who we are

There is Always a Way.

There is Always a Way.

At Tonkean, we believe that nothing is impossible.

There is a solution to every problem — you just need to find it.

Think People First.

We believe in investing in, empowering, and prioritizing people. We work as a team and win as a team. We listen with purpose as we speak with courage. We believe in diversity.

We always ask ourselves: Is this giving value to our customers? Is this improving our team? Is this helping me be better?

Start with Why & Fail Fast.

We believe that progress is the only way forward; that action is always better than no action; that innovation requires bravery.

We believe that every worthwhile “how” starts with an important “why.” If you know the “why”, and can learn from it, “failure” is never actually failure. It’s the operational cost of progress.

No BS.

To matter, you must – stay focused, keep it simple and always move the needle. We don’t have time for BS.

We don’t waste energy; we prioritize efficiency; we stay focused; and we always try to optimize for what’s important.