The Ultimate Procurement Ops Technology Handbook

The Procurement Challenge

To increase the capacity of the procurement department as partners to the business inside your organization, procurement teams have to start here: improving the experience of working with procurement, so as to greatly increase procurement process adoption. Compliance and efficiency depend on high process adoption. And high adoption hinges on great internal process experience.

But how can procurement teams begin to do that? That’s why we created this handbook. In it, you'll learn:

1) How to create internal process experiences that are both easy to follow and that provide real value to requesters.

To increase the adoption of your buying experiences—be they related to tail-spend items or large strategic spend—you have to make those experiences valuable and easy. That means personalized, flexible, transparent, and capable of accommodating different working styles across teams and departments.

2) How to use AI to triage and classify unstructured inbound business requests.

The procurement team is overburdened with incoming requests from the organization. Finding a controlled way to leverage AI within everyday procurement processes allows procurement teams to fully automate tail-spend processing, strategic sourcing, and “3 Bids and a Buy.” This helps you shorten the procurement cycle time and reduce time to respond and time to completion.

3) How to take control over procurement process iteration with no-code

No-code interfaces allow procurement teams to own the creation and delivery of their automations end to end. This allows you to accelerate implementation, more rapidly iterate, and, in general, operate in a manner both more agile and adaptive.

4) How to make better use of procurement data by centralizing it

In Tonkean, we surface all data relevant to any procurement buying experience in an easy-to-access procurement portal, where employees can find request statuses, and procurement teams can see more high-level information, including how many requests have come in, what kinds of requests they are, and any and all related documentation.

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Traditionally, the goal of the procurement team has been, simply, to procure—in a cost-efficient manner—what resources the business needs to operate. But procurement is changing. And, increasingly, procurement teams also need to drive new business value in their own right.

But to do any of this, procurement teams have to solve the Procurement Challenge. Download this handbook to get started.