Enterprise Generative AI


Leverage generative AI technologies like OpenAI's GPT-3 to process and gain actionable insights from unstructured texts and automatically execute employee requests.
Enterprise Generative AI

Capture, synthesize, and take action on unstructured data using Generative AI

Every day, organizations fail to either identify or capitalize on potentially valuable business insights. That's because they hit departmental intake channels—from procurement to legal, invoicing to customer success—in the form of unstructured text.

Formerly, that data was unusable, or at least time-consuming to identify.

Now, you can capture (and take action on) those valuable, unstructured insights by employing AI models—tuned, by Tonkean, to specific business contexts and for specific business applications—to summarize and classify unstructured text, whether it comes in via external or internal requests. Tonkean will automatically categorize the request and will auto-handle it, or route it to the correct person if it requires human intervention. Here's how.

Integrate AI into repeatable, high-volume procurement, legal, and invoicing processes.

  • Much has been made of AI's potential for augmenting humans—be it to complete a much more diverse array of tasks, increase our efficiency, or improve the quality of output.
  • But less attention has been paid to the potential of incorporating AI into our key operational process at scale. That's what Tonkean's integration with OpenAI allows.
  • Tonkean is a first-of-its-kind process experience platform that allows you to integrate with—and get more out of—every piece of innovative technology your organization might use. AI included. By leveraging technologies such as OCR, NLP, and, now, generative AI like OpenAI GPT models, Tonkean is able to understand the business context, sentiment, and intent of any kind of operational request.

With Tonkean AI, you can make your operations more intelligent end-to-end.

  • Tonkean AI enables you to classify all kinds of important information immediately as it comes in. Which itself enables you to more rapidly identify—and mitigate—potential sources of operational risk.
  • By incorporating Generative AI into your process experience strategy, you can also more rapidly triage and prioritize every single inbound request.
  • You can enforce—systematically and across your organization—critical internal policies, and you can surface ideas for process experience improvement that would have otherwise been missed by the human eye.
  • Benefits extend far beyond efficiency or performance. With Tonkean, you can wrap GPT around every single process you run. You can trigger flows based on entity values or changes, and incorporate data from these entities into your workflow. Automate actions such as creating or updating any entity as well as any of the listed actions. Oh, and anyone can use Tonkean's OpenAI GPT integrations to accomplish these things because Tonkean's interface is 100% no-code.
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