Surface and Route Insights from Gong Calls

Sales calls recorded on Gong contain tons of great insights and learnings that many teams inside your company could make use of. With Tonkean, they can.

Surface and Route Insights from Gong Calls
Surface and Route Insights from Gong Calls

Gong calls are full of valuable info

Here's the truth: every call you have with a customer, potential customer, analyst or advisor is full of potentially valuable insights and learnings.

The problem is, in most organizations, those insights and learnings are wasted—because they aren't captured.

  • Recording calls with Gong marks a step towards solving that issue, but it doesn't go all the way.
  • That's because even when learnings and insights are effectively captured within Gong transcripts, they're hard to take action on when they're left inside Gong.
  • Action items, insights that could inform your product roadmap, client-success tactics, and learnings that might bolster sales training—all this is, too, often, left to languish inside the Gong platform.
  • But with a process experience platform that can extract and disseminate insights out of Gong, you can be sure you're turning those valuable insights into tangible next steps.

Here's how you can use Tonkean to do precisely that.

1) Triage Gong calls to identify key insights and automatically route them to the right people and teams

Tonkean module Gong call

With Tonkean, operations teams can create internal process solutions that ensure no key insight uttered during Gong calls are ever wasted.

  • To start, Tonkean workflows can be configured to monitor every Gong call and triage every call's transcript.
  • When learnings, insights, tactics, or specified key terms signaling potentially useful information are mentioned, Tonkean will identify those and automatically push them to specific sets of team members—across whatever communication channels they might prefer working in—after the call is done.
  • For example, let's say that on a call between a client and your customer success team, a request for a new integration is mentioned by the client. Tonkean can be made to pass that information to the engineering team as soon as the meeting ends.

And because Tonkean can integrate with not only Gong but with any application or system your organization might use, it will send the information to whatever communication channel the engineering team likes using.

2) Turn insights into action items with fully integrated, highly intelligent automation

But Tonkean goes even further than simply passing along information. With Tonkean you can also translate action items articulated in Gong transcripts into actual action items.

When your Tonkean automation alerts engineering that integrations were discussed on the aforementioned client call, Tonkean will then prompt the engineering team to create a Jira ticket tied to that insight.

3) Track all action items created from Gong insights

Tonkean doesn't stop there. Once engineering has created that Jira ticket, Tonkean will then automatically log for the sales team—inside their preferred management systems: Salesforce, say—that the engineering team is taking action on the insight in question.

Tonkean can do this sort of thing across teams. If a follow up conversation between sales and a prospective client is discussed on a Gong call, Tonkean can be configured to identify the need to schedule a follow up in the transcript, and prompt sales team members—again, from within whatever application they like spending time in—to schedule that call. (They'll be sent a message from Tonkean inside Slack, let's say—and then prompted to schedule the follow up from directly within Slack.)

4) Customize all such integrated workflows to your liking with a truly no-code interface

In our mind, using Tonkean in collaboration with Gong in this way exemplifies what it looks like to get more out of your existing tools.

But perhaps the best part is, you don't need IT to set any of this up for you. Anyone can create these kinds of personalized workflows and leverage these kinds of integrations within Tonkean, because it comes equipped with a truly no-code interface.

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Sales calls recorded on Gong contain tons of great insights and learnings that many teams inside your company could make use of. With Tonkean, they can.

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Easy to use, non coding automation platform w/ valuable customer support. Tonkean has increased our efficiency by reducing manual processes. By taking out the human in the loop when not necessary, we can also reduce errors caused by manual input.
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