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Power up your existing systems and tools with intelligent automation and process experience
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How to use intelligent automation, AI, and process experience software to "Power Up" your operations

We’ve all been there: wondering at the end of a long day how you got so little done, worrying about your team slowly falling behind on a project despite everyone working diligently on it, or losing confidence in your ability to remain compliant with so many untracked details. Where does our time go? It's lost to out-dated, inefficient processes and tasks that mandate time-consuming manual work.

  • Someone on the sales team needs a contract approved or a document signed by someone in the legal department—in most organizations, both parties are on their own to manually make sure that gets done.
  • The legal department has to decide where to route a new client—but there are no structures in place to help them figure that out.
  • HR needs a manager to sign off on a training document—and has to manually follow up with them to ensure they sign.
  • The finance team has a request, and the procurement team has to figure out how to prioritize it.
  • Or, any kind of employee needs information that lives inside a siloed third-party platform, or better yet, inside a teammate’s head.

Organizations can use intelligent automation software, process experience platforms, and AI to power up the way they handle all such situations. Here's how.

1) Monitor your intake channels, automate repeatable responses, and automatically route more complex requests to the proper human or team

Intake dashboard

Take back control over your organization's operations. The first step is taking back control over your technology.

That's where Tonkean comes in.

  • Tonkean is a first-of-its-kind process experience platform that makes it easy for anyone to create personalized internal software solutions that can automatically intake, triage, coordinate, and standardize unstructured inbound requests.
  • It enables you to create the structures, hierarchies, and processes you need, at any scale.
  • And it allows you to easily track the status of all ITC-related work. 
  • And none of this requires the deep technical expertise of software developers or the IT department, because the Tonkean interface is entirely no-code.

2) Power up by personalizing your processes—so that your technology works for every employee, guaranteeing adoption

Many processes and technology initiatives fail because they mandate that employees undergo change management or context switch in order to adopt them.

With the right process experience platform, they don't have to.

With Tonkean, for example, you build personalized automations that integrate with every app, system, and tool your organization uses. For example, you can easily build a workflow that:

  • Monitors and triages a department-level or personal inbox or feed
  • Alerts managers via Slack or Teams (or whatever app they like using) when requests that require their attention come in 
  • Allows end-users to do whatever's being asked of them inside their preferred application environment
  • Automatically updates a CRM once the action has been taken
  • Employs AI to categorize requests and track actions inside a centralized operations portal.

And you can do this all while ensuring compliance and security, thanks to end-to-end visibility. Any project stakeholder can see who owns what process, the component steps of a process, what’s complete and what isn’t, and who is responsible for each step.  


Left unchecked, these sort of challenges do much more than waste time. They burn employees out, inhibit both operational agility and personal creativity, and open up vectors for human errors. 

By giving employees a way to power up, your teams can focus on the work that they care about, and for which they have important expertise. That improves the employee experience, leading to higher retention rates and better output. Processes will move faster, too, and with greater efficiency and fewer processing errors. You can track everything to ensure compliance, meaning you’re lowering your legal risk exposure. And in doing all of the above, you can ensure that your clients or customers are receiving an optimal experience with your organization; happy customers are more likely to return or upgrade, and they’ll become your best advocate within their industry.  

If you’re ready to learn more about how no-code automation, AI, and process experience software can help Ops level up, sign up for a Tonkean trial.
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