20 Minute Leaders Podcast: Sagi Eliyahu

Sagi Eliyahu | Co-Founder and CEO, Tonkean: Fun fact: "I have been writing code since I was around 10 years old, and started my first business at 13 with my cousin, building websites for small businesses in Israel. Even back then, I was obsessed with trying to get tasks done in the most efficient way for my business, and that same spirit of trying to get things done in an efficient way is really central to what we’re doing at Tonkean. The fun part about this story is that it was driven by my "die-hard" fan days of Maccabi Haifa as a kid... I didn't like the existing fan websites, so we created our own and it grew to be the biggest one for a couple of years, with an official PR tag from the FC and dedicated photographers on the field of each game (and we were 12 years old). That website success led us to look at it as a business opportunity."

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