5 Steps to Scale IT with Citizen Development

The challenge for IT

When it comes to internal empowerment, IT has 3 very important jobs:

  1. Enable the business to operate efficiently and creatively across functions and processes
  2. Preserve the integrity and compliance of the technology stack and company data
  3. Create process-oriented solutions that help internal teams meet SLAs and that drive innovation within the company as a whole.

One problem is, IT doesn't have what it needs to do all of this effectively or at scale.

When the business needs a solution to a business problem, for example, IT has two primary options:

  1. Buy packaged, task-specific apps or
  2. Develop custom solutions themselves.

Both options are costly, and require a massive expenditure of IT time and energy. Now, though, there's a different way. It hinges on rethinking what business enablement ultimately entails, and how IT can go about it more efficiently.

This eBook walks IT teams through making such shifts step-by-step.

What you'll learn from 5 Steps To Scale IT with Citizen Development

  1. How to embrace “Makers” and rethink what enabling the business truly means
  2. How to create technological bridges between IT and the business by integrating your tech stacks
  3. How to enable makers with a truly no-code interface to scale the organization with agility

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