Automate HR. Activate Happiness: Why 98% of HR is burnt out and how no-code can help.

What you'll learn about automating HR

Today, 98% of HR professionals say they are burnt out. The pandemic-related workplace changes, the great resignation, and quiet quitting - there are many reasons why this is happening.

But one oft-forgotten reason is tech overload and its impact on HR and employees.

The apps and automation keep growing. Yet your people are drowning in manual, low-value work.

In this webinar, Jen (HR Lead at Tonkean) and Paula Judge (VP Talent at Accel) will discuss current HR trends in the companies Accel backs, the connection between employee happiness and enterprise revenue, and how ‘intentional’ automation is the key to tackling burnout.

Jen will also share insights on how she leveraged Tonkean’s no-code platform to automate activities like background checks, job requisitions, onboarding, etc.

Top insights

  • Why tech overload happens in HR and how to tackle it
  • How to automate processes without leaving your favorite tools
  • Using no-code to build automation without any IT help