Procurement Orchestration 101: A Primer for Procurement Leaders on Process Orchestration

The promise of procurement orchestration

Welcome to Procurement Orchestration 101. We’re glad you’re here. With this document, our goal is to give procurement teams everything they need to get started using process orchestration technology to level up as a function and as a value driver. Consider it a primer on what exactly this technology is, why it’s so exciting, what can be done with it, and how to get started.

More specifically, in Procurement Orchestration 101, you'll find:

  • What exactly is procurement orchestration?
  • Insight into the problem of low process adoption in procurement—and how process orchestration technology can help
  • Key benefits of procurement orchestration technology
  • How procurement orchestration can help you lay the groundwork for implementing AI
  • Step-by-step instructions for getting started with procurement orchestration

And more!

Stepping into the future

For procurement teams to be able to do the kind of work that organizations today very much need them to do—mitigate risk, manage spend, reduce costs, partner with the business, and encourage innovation across the organization—they need technology of requisite holistic breadth and dexterity. They need tools that allow them to create processes that foster collaboration and break down silos. And they need a means of making better use of their own time and of creating employee experiences that not only encourage process adoption, but that provide operational value that only procurement can provide. 

Process orchestration is that technology. Procurement teams would be wise to familiarize themselves with it now. We hope this guide will help.

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