Process Orchestration 101: A Primer for Procurement Leaders on Process Orchestration (V2)

The promise of process orchestration

Welcome to Process Orchestration 101 (V2). We’re glad you’re here. With this document, our goal is to give procurement teams everything they need to get started using process orchestration technology. Consider it a primer on what exactly this technology is, why it’s so exciting, what can be done with it, and how to get started.

It's also been updated in a new version.

When we issued the first edition of Process Orchestration 101 in the summer of 2023, procurement was only just waking up to the practical potential of process orchestration technology. Since then, process orchestration has been heralded as fundamental to the future of the function: technology that “promises to revolutionize the industry and alter forever how procurement is conducted”; “THE Gen AI use case we have been waiting for”; catalyst of a “new paradigm” and even of a new “endgame” for the industry. Hype about the technology continues to grow.

At the same time, new learnings about the most pressing problems that process orchestration helps procurement teams solve—along with what use cases constitute the lowest-hanging fruit for getting started—have emerged.

All the while, the pressure procurement teams face to create real, unique business value has only increased.

Now more than ever, procurement teams need a way of better leveraging, optimizing, and managing their organization’s unique mix of people, processes, and technology—in other words, of orchestrating and simplifying the process experiences they provide, such that they can begin to help drive their organizations forward with greater velocity and scale. Process orchestration technology offers a way to do that.

This updated version of Process Orchestration 101 (V2), incorporates the most recent learnings and contextualizes the growing enthusiasm to provide a step-by-step guide for leveraging this “paradigm-shifting” technology effectively and completely.

More specifically, in Process Orchestration 101, you'll find:

  • What exactly is process orchestration?
  • Insight into the problem of low process adoption in procurement—and how process orchestration technology can help
  • Key benefits of process orchestration technology
  • How process orchestration can help you lay the groundwork for implementing AI
  • Step-by-step instructions for getting started with process orchestration

And more!

Stepping into the future

For procurement teams to be able to do the kind of work that organizations today very much need them to do—mitigate risk, manage spend, reduce costs, partner with the business, and encourage innovation across the organization—they need technology of requisite holistic breadth and dexterity. They need tools that allow them to create processes that foster collaboration and break down silos. And they need a means of making better use of their own time and of creating employee experiences that not only encourage process adoption, but that provide operational value that only procurement can provide. 

Process orchestration is that technology. Procurement teams would be wise to familiarize themselves with it now. We hope this guide will help.

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