The Business Value of Process Orchestration in Procurement

Want an expert’s view on the potential of process orchestration technology in procurement? Step-by-step advice from someone who’s worked with procurement teams across the world about how to build a business case for investing in such innovative and powerful procurement technology? 

Look no further. Joël Collin-Demers is an enterprise procurement consultant and author of the Pure Procurement newsletter. As Joël writes, organizations keep asking more of their procurement teams. Procurement should aim to reduce costs, reduce risk, increase organizational resiliency, stimulate and facilitate innovation, find more sustainable and diverse suppliers, etc. However, procurement department budgets are not growing in line with these new asks…

Process orchestration technology, in Joël’s mind, can help procurement teams do more with less, among other things. 

Learn how to build a bulletproof business case around investing in this new tech below!