Tonkean in Procurement Magazine: Business process orchestration to maximize adoption

An exclusive video conversation with Tonkean co-founder and CEO Sagi Eliyahu and Neil Perry, of Procurement Magazine, discuss how orchestration and automation technology, such as Tonkean, can help procurement organizations increase process adoption and improve procurement performance.

Sagi discusses how Tonkean got its start: “We started the company about eight years ago with a very simple goal in theory, very hard in practice, which is empowering companies to leverage software better,” he says.

He goes on to describe how Tonkean is helping procurement organizations across the world—including Claroty, who also spoke with Procurement Magazine about their work with Tonkean in a separate interview—do exactly that today.

"We wrap around the things that you already have–your P2P system, your finance system, your sales systems and your legal systems–to create that orchestration layer,” he says.

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