Watch: Augmenting P2P and ERP with Intake Orchestration and AI

The future of procurement

In March we hosted with Art of Procurement and The Hackett Group about augmenting your P2P and ERP platforms with Intake Orchestration and AI.

Sagi Eliyahu, Co-Founder and CEO of Tonkean, Jonathan Fehring, Principal of Procurement and Purchase-to-Pay Advisory of The Hackett Group Inc., and Kelly Barner, co-founder of Art of Procurement discussed a wide variety of topics related to Intake Orchestration and AI, including:

  • What makes Intake Orchestration such a game-changer for enterprise procurement
  • How to get started with Intake Orchestration inside your procurement organization.
  • What goes into orchestrating procurement processes and workflows across teams and systems—including gold-standard P2P and ERP platforms.
  • How to use Intake Orchestration to achieve a better, more efficient user experience in procurement and why that's so important
  • Where AI fits into Intake Orchestration and the future of procurement and what successful use of intake orchestration looks like
  • Actual examples of AI-powered Intake Orchestration in action.

Augmenting P2P and ERP with Intake Orchestration and AI

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