No-Code Fundamentals Webinar Series #7

Hear from the Experts: Instacart

Veronica Yu, Legal Operations Lead at Instacart, needed to empower her team to move faster without constantly relying on IT. Learn how she increased efficiency by 30% with enterprise no-code and reduced mundane work for her legal team.

Hear how Instacart increased their automated legal processes by 30%.

During the pandemic, Instacart experienced incredible growth overnight. With the legal team expanding from 10 to 50 people in a few months, Instacart needed better infrastructure and tracking for their legal processes, fast.

And with IT also overloaded with enormous demand, the legal team needed a way to deliver solutions to their complex processes without much IT support. Register to learn about the solution they chose.

Learn first-hand how:

  • Instacart leveraged enterprise no-code to empower their legal operations team.
  • The growing legal team built their own solutions, with guidance from IT.
  • This team built the infrastructure around no-code to deliver 30% of increased efficiency.