Yahoo Finance: Tonkean Certified as Coupa Business Spend Management Platform Ready

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tonkean Inc., the provider of AI-powered process orchestration for enterprises, today announced that it will now offer a "Tonkean Intake Orchestration for Coupa" solution in the Coupa App Marketplace—connecting businesses with certified, pre-built no-code solutions.

Tonkean Intake Orchestration helps procurement teams in a number of ways:

  • Drive Coupa adoption with an intelligent intake experience. With Tonkean Intake Orchestration for Coupa, users can initiate requests using plain language via familiar tools, such as Slack, Teams, email, or custom portals. By building guided, intelligent intake experiences, you can boost spend under management, accelerate time-of-delivery, and increase Coupa adoption.
  • Accelerate the intake-to-procure process. Tonkean Intake Orchestration wraps around existing policies and systems and guides users through dynamic form sequences to capture only relevant information to resolve the request. When needed, it orchestrates requisition, supplier, or contract creation in Coupa and automatically engages relevant stakeholders.
  • Increase visibility. Along the way, Tonkean provides full visibility into the status of each in-progress item, giving stakeholders transparency and peace of mind.

"With the increasing complexity of modern procurement workflows and the strategic importance of the procurement function, solutions that simplify and unify the intake-to-procure phase are of great benefit to our customers," said Nigel Pegg, VP & GM of Coupa Platform and App Marketplace. "We're proud to have Tonkean Intake Orchestration on the Coupa App Marketplace to give our customers a seamless, personalized intake experience that will boost both process adoption and compliance."

"Connecting Tonkean into the Coupa Business Spend Management platform gives our customers a streamlined, intelligent, and comprehensive intake orchestration experience. This will help procurement teams create more business value by increasing spend under management and accelerating delivery times," said Sagi Eliyahu, Tonkean co-founder and CEO. "We are proud to be part of the Coupa App Marketplace and a trusted Coupa technology partner. We look forward to our relationship with Coupa to further help customers transform process experience and delivery within procurement."

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