How to Use Sales Automation Software to Increase Sales Velocity

February 8, 2023
May 24, 2021
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How to Use Sales Automation Software to Increase Sales Velocity

If you work in revenue operations today, it’s likely that you’ve already tried a number of different automation tools designed to help you increase sales velocity. It’s also likely that you’ve run into a host of issues getting those automation tools to work. This is because using sales automation tools within the context of your unique set of people, systems, and processes typically entails relying on developers to integrate the tools and to build custom scripts. It also requires a lot of chasing after people to get them to actually use the tool in question.

If that’s the case, you’re probably fed up, and in fact looking for a way to improve your sales velocity without adding more tools, relying on custom coding, or forcing people to change their behavior.

Enter: Tonkean.

Tonkean is a no-code composability platform designed to help RevOps teams rapidly build solutions that align, streamline, and holistically optimize the operations underlying your revenue cycle. Altogether, the platform:

  • Reduces your reliance on custom code or developers
  • Minimizes the amount of point tools or apps you rely on
  • Eliminates bottlenecks and “black holes” between systems and teams
  • Allows people across departments (Sales, Marketing, Legal, etc.) to continue using their tools (Email, Slack, MS Teams) and systems (i.e. SFDC, Marketo, ELM, etc.) of choice.
  • And, of course, increases sales velocity — and without mandating significant change management.

Now, these are benefits that many providers of automation software purport to provide, but ultimately can’t. This is because their functionality — rooted in specific functionalities, such as task-automation or systems integration — can’t in a single platform support genuinely holistic process optimization. At least not in a manner that doesn’t require software development to implement or frustrating change management to use.

That’s what makes Tonkean different. Tonkean enables revenue operations teams to be more self-sufficient by empowering them to orchestrate processes atop existing systems. With Tonkean, you can achieve the sort of structural and dynamic operational improvements that, in concert, actually result in increased sales velocity.

Here are a few examples of how.

Use Tonkean to simplify the process of updating your CRM—and increase sales velocity.

There are few things salespeople hate more — and that distract them more meaningfully from what they want to do being, which is closing deals — than updating opportunities inside your CRM. Understandably, they sometimes don’t do this as fastidiously as possible. The result, however, in addition to a distracted salesforce, is bad data that hampers forecasting efforts and slows down sales velocity.

With Tonkean, you can remove the onus for remembering to go back into a CRM and update opportunities from your salespeople entirely. For example, Tonkean enables you to create Adaptive Modules — software entities that orchestrate processes — that send timely reminders to salespeople inside of Slack whenever a CRM-update is needed, so they don’t forget. Even better, with Tonkean, your salespeople can — with the clicking of just a few buttons! — log that CRM-update through Slack itself, thanks to our integrations functionality.

The result is salespeople not having to navigate away from the ecosystems they like spending time in, being able to log mission-critical updates with just a few clicks, and in turn enjoying the ability to stay laser-focused on doing what they do best.

Use Tonkean to automate lead qualification.

Typically, when a prospect requests a demo or more information about your company, a SDR or AE on your end must manually capture certain standard qualifying questions. This, of course, requires focus and time, and takes away from other key activities.

With Tonkean, however, you can automate the lead qualification process with an Adaptive Module that intelligently asks questions, provides responses, and routes leads all on its own. In normalizing the manner in which this information is captured and used — mitigating for the small variances and administrative slip-ups that can occur when all this is conducted manually — Tonkean enables you to improve the consistency and quality of the information to ensure your salespeople have the full and correct context for every prospect before they engage them… and all without slowing them down.

Use Tonkean to automate the process of scheduling and setting up meetings.

Scheduling meetings with prospective clients can be a huge time-suck. Meetings require a lot of back-and-forth to set up. They also require creating a meeting space, affirming contact information, and following up with the prospect when complications arise. Salespeople don’t want to be spending their time on these more administrative functions — and if you want to increase sales velocity, you shouldn’t want them to be focusing on this, either.

With Tonkean, you can automate this entire administrative process so that your salespeople can instead spend their time conducting more meetings or finding additional prospects.

Salespeople don’t want to be spending their time on these more administrative functions

In creating Adaptive Modules, you can assign to processes what are in effect virtual personal assistants that monitor scheduled meetings and email exchanges, and that handle all the menial elements of the meeting-scheduling process: from sending out the invites, to creating the calendar event, to following up with participants.

Tonkean allows you to do all this—and increase sales velocity—through true no-code functionality.

As you can see, Tonkean allows you to automate certain elements of the entire revenue cycle. (The above examples are not exhaustive.)

And it does this in a manner that meets your RevOps team members where they are — so that they can focus more purposely on finding prospects, closing deals, and delighting existing customers — and that doesn’t require them to learn how to use new tools.

What’s perhaps most important, however, is that Tonkean enables you to create these Adaptive Modules in a way that doesn’t require any coding knowledge or ability. The Tonkean platform is truly no-code. Creating Adaptive Modules and designing processes inside of Tonkean is a matter of dragging and dropping.

At the end of the day, where other automation software solutions fall short in helping you actually increase sales velocity is they’re in fact functionally limited, if they don’t require coding knowledge to use.

To increase sales velocity, you have to augment your people up and down the sales funnel, and you have to do so in a way that accounts for how your team-members work best.

Tonkean does that for you, and in a way that is itself easy to set up and manage.

Want to learn more about how Tonkean can increase sales velocity? Click here.

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