Tonkean 101: Your One-Stop Shop For Mastering No-Code Automation

February 7, 2023
October 4, 2022
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Tonkean 101: Your One-Stop Shop For Mastering No-Code Automation

Tonkean is an insanely powerful tool. And its no-code interface is something anybody—no matter your technical acumen or level of coding expertise—can navigate and use.

Still, Tonkean is by design hyper customizable to your unique business processes, so new users need guidance on how to use this powerful tool.

That’s why the Tonkean training team created Tonkean 101, a highly visual, comprehensive, step-by-step breakdown of the basics of the Tonkean platform designed to get you building powerful solutions on Tonkean as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Tonkean 101 covers everything you need to know about getting started mastering Tonkean, from creating and connecting data sources to building modules and setting up triggers and actions. Further, it contextualizes the curriculum through real-world use cases, and it’s structured in a way that’s sequential, so the lessons build off each other.

But if you want to jump around and dig into specific use cases, it’s easy to do that in Tonkean 101, too. And if you want to know more about a particular topic or process, refer at any time to the Maker Playbook or see the Glossary for definitions of Tonkean terms and concepts.)

After completing Tonkean 101, you’ll possess all the foundational skills you need to start building automated workflows inside the platform—including workflows that automatically update CRMs; trigger Slack commands; and facilitate tasks related to the intake, triage, and coordination of your email inbox.

But that’s not all! Here are examples of some other skills you’ll pick up along the way.

Create an Email Inbox Data Source

The workflow solutions users build inside Tonkean are called “modules.” Every Tonkean module must monitor a data source, such as a shared email inbox, Salesforce account, Google Drive folder, and so on. Any action that takes place inside that data source—such as the arrival of a new email—prompts your custom workflow to act on or respond to the corresponding new object. (In this example, the object is the new email, let’s say.)

After this Tonkean 101 lesson, you’ll know how to successfully create an email inbox data source to utilize in your module. Later, you’ll create logic that’ll tell Tonkean how to process and respond to emails sent to that data source. In time, you’ll have everything you need to create workflows that triage, coordinate, and respond to those emails.

This is what using no-code automation software looks like, people!

Create an “Ask a Question” Action

Ok, so you’ve got an email inbox input source set up. When you’re done with this Tonkean 101 lesson, you’ll know how to tell Tonkean what to do—that is, what process to follow—anytime you receive an email.

Even more powerful? You’ll know how to add an action that auto-responds to the sender of the initial email, thereby prompting the sender to take some kind of next step. Among other things, you’ll know how to prompt the sender to:

  • Link to a related application for the user to view
  • Fill out a form to move the process forward
  • Reply back to the email thread if they don’t need either of the previous options

That’s automation in action.

Test Your Module and View Business Reports

An integral part of the building process in Tonkean is testing your workflows to ensure everything is working—which is also a crucial best practice when you’re building any kind of tech tool or solution.

Another best practice: analyzing and making use of the data you collect.

By the end of Tonkean 101, by analyzing the data surfaced through the business reports associated with your workflows—you’ll be able to do both.

Ok, so: Should you stop everything you’re doing to go check out Tonkean 101 for yourself?


But Tonkean 101 really just marks the beginning of your Tonkean journey. Armed with the basic skills you’ll develop throughout Tonkean 101, you’ll be ready to explore solution blueprints and module templates in the component library. These can be used to build truly game-changing solutions, such as workflows that automate the onboarding process, procurement intake, and spend management.

Ready to get started? Head over to Tonkean 101 today.

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