CPO Strategy: Tonkean Announces Collaborative Intake, New Capabilities For Enterprise Procurement Teams

PALO ALTO, April 16, 2024—Tonkean Inc., the provider of AI-powered process orchestration for enterprises, today announced the release of Collaborative Intake—a new suite of capabilities in its ProcurementWorks solution. Collaborative Intake enables cross-functional, in-workflow collaboration and engagement across every step of the entire intake lifecycle, from intent through resolution.

“Procurement processes are too siloed and too slow,” said Sagi Eliyahu, Tonkean co-founder and CEO. “As a result, procurement is often involved far too late in the intake process to add real, unique value. And without a proper venue for real-time collaboration, the quality of work suffers. Tonkean’s Collaborative Intake ensures procurement is present, responsive, and effective from intent to resolution—transforming a transactional silo into a strategic nexus.”

Key are several core new capabilities, including:

  • Contextual, real-time collaboration: Enable requesters, procurement teams, and stakeholders to collaborate within the context of each specific request, in-line with specific stages of intake workflows, ensuring that all interactions are relevant, targeted, compliant, and actionable.
  • Dynamic workflow adjustments: Allow procurement teams and stakeholders to adapt workflows on the fly, adding tasks, assigning responsibilities, and modifying processes to accommodate the unique needs of each request—all while reinforcing company policy.
  • Omni-channel communication: When tagging a specific person, they can be notified, and then can respond, via Slack, Teams, or email, in addition to within the workflow. Employees get to stay where they’re already working.

Tonkean Collaborative Intake builds on ProcurementWorks—a lifecycle orchestration tool for enterprise procurement teams that Tonkean released last year. ProcurementWorks allows procurement teams to intelligently automate the purchasing process end to end, and to create guided buying journeys for strategic spending that are easy to follow and personalizable to end-users. Collaborative Intake empowers procurement teams to provide buying experiences that are even more seamless and effective. The chief benefits of this include:

  • Proactive engagement. Engaging stakeholders from the very start of the intake process  improves compliance, increases cost savings, and mitigates risk.
  • Reduce human error. Providing in-process context and timely support guarantees more accurate data capture and more rapid resolution. There’s less need to make corrections or track down missing information.
  • Higher quality work. Real-time in-workflow collaboration enables faster decision-making, reduces the need for follow-ups, and ensures that procurement is able to provide real business value.

“Embracing a more collaborative, intelligent approach to intake that guarantees procurement is always involved at the actual start of the buying process—it’s a necessity,” said Eliyahu. “Tonkean Collaborative Intake gives enterprise procurement teams a way to meet that need.”

About Tonkean

Tonkean is the first-of-its-kind process orchestration platform that helps enterprise internal service teams like procurement and legal create process experiences that people actually follow. With Tonkean, you can build processes that are personalized for each requester, and that use AI to automate the intake, triage, and resolution of every request. With a library of preconfigured process templates and a 100% no-code workflow editor, Tonkean is the automation platform of choice for many innovative F500 companies. With full governance controls, enterprises can guarantee compliance while maximizing adoption—all without any change management and no code. Founded in 2015, Tonkean is headquartered in Palo Alto with R&D in Tel Aviv.

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