Tonkean Releases “AI Front Door,” Bringing GPT To Your Company’s Everyday Processes

August 25, 2023
July 18, 2023
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Tonkean Releases “AI Front Door,” Bringing GPT To Your Company’s Everyday Processes

PALO ALTO, April 17, 2023 — Tonkean, the first-of-its-kind process experience platform, today announced the release of the Tonkean AI Front Door. The feature empowers internal service teams like procurement and legal to incorporate OpenAI’s GPT-4 seamlessly into everyday processes. It does so by providing an AI-powered intake experience for submitting—and proactively resolving—internal requests.

The Tonkean AI Front Door is capable, among other things, of the following:

  • Meeting employees where they are. The Tonkean AI Front Door supports frictionless service interactions with a plain-language user experience—and is accessible to requesters via email, Slack/Teams, or a customized web portal.
  • Providing intelligent assistance that’s personalized and context-aware. The Tonkean AI Front Door delivers tailored support that understands employees’ intentions moment-to-moment. Customize response patterns for your unique requirements and policies. Automate actions on existing platforms and extract both structured and unstructured data. Apply comprehensive role-based access control to response output.
  • Delivering a flexible experience without compromising on policies. The AI Front Door provides AI-guided workflows that can open tickets, launch processes, and bring the right people into the loop. Enforce policies with a no-code, fully auditable toolset. Save time and effort with intelligent issue triage. Streamline process by orchestrating across existing systems
  • Anticipating and resolving requests before they come up. Finally, going beyond intake, Tonkean monitors applications and data sources to predict requests based on historical patterns. Preemptively reach out to users with suggested next actions. Provide instant resolution for simple requests. Launch cross-platform orchestration sequences for complex requests.

Inside most organizations, the existence of intelligent, easy-to-follow, actually useful internal processes is rare. That’s one reason process adoption remains so low. At least 67% of employees routinely skip legal processes. Up to 80% of invoices stem from “rogue spend.” 

But low process adoption is no small problem. It hinders efficiency, reduces visibility, and increases risk. Compliance, transparency, and efficiency all depend on high process adoption.

The only way organizations can begin to increase process adoption is by creating process experiences that are both easy to follow and that provide real value to requesters. Which is what Tonkean’s AI Front Door empowers organizations to do

The Tonkean AI Front Door builds on Tonkean’s powerful automation and intake capabilities as well as its earlier investments in AI, including ProcurementGPT, LegalGPT, and InvoicesGPT. These tools help internal teams like procurement and legal create intelligent, personalized process experiences that employees actually want to follow. They do so by allowing internal teams to embed GPT’s capacity for contextually aware triage, automation, and collaboration into those processes directly. 

The new Tonkean AI Front Door goes a step further by providing a single GPT-powered personal entry point for internal processes. Meaning, internal teams can thread the power of GPT-4 into Tonkean’s advanced workflow automation engine to create a frictionless process experience end-to-end—vastly improving their own capacity for creating new business value, while enabling employees to go from request to resolution in seconds. 

How you use the AI Front Door will differ depending on your existing policies and systems—Tonkean wraps seamlessly around whatever tools and rules you already have in place—but a few of the more common use cases for the AI Front Door include:

  • Document / Content creation. Example: Type, "I need an NDA for ACME" and Tonkean springs into action, checking for existing documents, generating a new one if needed, and even initiating e-signature workflows with a single click.
  • Purchase request. Example: Request a new MacBook and Tonkean instantly identifies your purchasing policies, suggests options from your catalog—Ariba, let’s say—and auto-fills necessary information to kick off the process seamlessly. 
  • Data lookup and drill down. Example: Ask about the status of a deal and Tonkean rapidly searches connected data sources, presents the most relevant information, and suggests follow-up actions, all within a single conversation. (Tonkean remembers what you’ve already told it, and so if you want Tonkean to create an NDA for the deal, it will trigger that workflow using the data you’ve already provided it in the thread.)
  • Deflecting requests intelligently. Example: Request legal to review a contract via email, and Tonkean checks if a signed copy already exists, providing it as an alternative before diving into a new review process. 
  • Proactive resolution. Doors open more than one way. In the event that you’ve changed the status of a new deal inside Salesforce—but did not take the sort of additional action you’ve taken in similar instances in the past—Tonkean will reach out to you inside whatever system you spend most of your time in. Example: Tonkean notices you've changed a deal's stage and, based on past behavior, proactively creates an MSA, asking if you need any revisions or changes, saving you time and effort.

A step forward in process experience—and in our use of AI.

Empowering internal teams in this way represents an important step forward in the science of improving process experiences. But the Tonkean AI Front Door also represents an important step forward in our broader effort to better leverage the immense and unprecedented capacity of generative AI on an operational level. The world is by now well aware of what GPT can do for people on an individual level. But what about in a scalable, enterprise context?

“ChatGPT and other large language models represent a paradigm shift in how people interact with and utilize technology,” says Tonkean co-founder and CEO Sagi Eliyahu. “Tools like search engines and common SaaS applications perform one primary function: accessing information. Which means the user is the one researching or organizing the information. AI now allows end users to leap frog from research to something far more useful: resolution.”

That shift comes with massive potential. But AI’s potential for disruption is dependent upon our ability to harness it in a way that’s structured, accessible, and repeatable at scale. “GPT has proven just how disruptive and practical AI can be,” says Eliyahu. “But like any big leap in technology, to truly be disruptive, it has to be integrated into day-to day-workflows and processes.” The Tonkean AI Front Door gives organizations the most powerful means yet of doing precisely that. 

The Tonkean AI Front Door is currently in beta. To join the waitlist for early access, head over to our signup page. And to learn more about how you can leverage Tonkean to improve process experiences inside your organization, check out our AI deep dive, or follow Tonkean on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Tonkean

Tonkean's Process Experience Platform seamlessly wraps around existing policies and systems, allowing internal service teams to do more with what they already have. Build process experiences that are personalized for each requester, and use AI to automate the intake, triage, and resolution of every request. Maximize adoption, compliance, and efficiency with no change management and no code. Founded in 2015, Tonkean is headquartered in Palo Alto with R&D in Tel Aviv.

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