Employee Onboarding / Offboarding

Automate and improve your employee onboarding/offboarding processes with intelligent automation.

Employee Onboarding / Offboarding
Employee Onboarding / Offboarding

The problem with employee onboarding / offboarding today

If you're an HR professional, you know that much of your time and energy goes towards one specific task: onboarding and offboarding new employees.

You also know that the process is rife with challenges and inefficiencies.

Take onboarding, for example.

  • Employee onboarding processes are typically spread out over many different tools and systems, and few of them integrate neatly with one another.
  • This app sprawl creates tedious, time-consuming manual work. It makes tracking a new employee’s progress difficult. And it renders the onboarding experience less enjoyable and useful for the new employee.
  • All of which not only wastes time and damages the employee experience, but takes HR away from other critical tasks like recruiting, attending to company culture, and meeting other critical obligations like DEI initiatives.

Automate, centralize, and improve your employee onboarding/offboarding processes with intelligent automation

With Tonkean, HR teams can create and customize automated onboarding/offboarding processes that integrate with every app, system, and tool your organization uses—and that centralize all of your process’ disparate parts into one highly actionable, end-to-end portal view. (The portal allows you to view metrics from your various onboarding/offboarding workflows and track the status of individual action items.)

New hire checklist

Here's what it looks like in practice:

  • With Tonkean, the hiring manager can kick off the onboarding process on their own using a simple form
  • The form automatically pulls data from the recruitment platform you use.
  • Provide an auto-generated comprehensive checklist that updates itself while keeping your new hire on track during the first 30 days. Auto-generate personalized onboarding programs for each new hire, too.
  • When hiring manager creates an action item or kicks off a workflow, anyone who needs to speak with the new employee will receive a notification in whatever communication app they prefer, like email, Slack, or Teams.
  • The new employee and any others can complete their tasks outside of Tonkean, in their preferred apps, but Tonkean will still track the progress. And you can keep new hires on track with auto check-ins. (Access a single comprehensive view of every new hire's onboarding progress. Identify bottlenecks in their onboarding progress. Quickly analyze and iterate to create an unforgettable onboarding experience.)
  • Whomever is leading the onboarding process can track the onboarding experiences across the organization through the dashboard. (Maintain complete visibility into the onboarding experience.)

Greater efficiency and a better employee experience

Tonkean module
  • Automating onboarding—and breaking down technology silos in the process—makes the onboarding process easier and more valuable for new employees. It integrates them into your company faster, so they can begin contributing more rapidly.
  • It makes facilitating and tracking onboarding/offboarding processes easier for HR, too—saving time and energy and headspace—and allows HR teams to focus on more high-value work. Eliminate manual tasks such as creating the employee record, verifying background checks, ordering laptops & swag, sending welcome emails, and more.
  • How much time does intelligent automation and improved process experience save HR when it comes to onboarding/offboarding? For the HR team: 2 or more hours per new hire. (Plus cost-savings and a greater ability to sleep at night.) For the new hire: they get exactly what they need on day 1. They enjoy an optimal first experience with the organization, all of which leads to better job satisfaction and higher employee retention.

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Automate and improve your employee onboarding/offboarding processes with intelligent automation.

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I have seen first-hand the impact that Tonkean can make in transforming complex processes at enterprise scale, resulting in millions of dollars saved from removing time-consuming manual tasks and eliminating other one-off solutions, Empowering an operations team to be innovative while reducing change management is a game changer.
Mary O'Carroll, former President of CLOC and Head of Legal Operations at Google.
Tonkean has been great for our team because we can supplement certain business practices that we've been doing manually and automate them and we don't need to involve business technology we can take risks we can try things out because it's us doing the no code behind the scenes which I think is really key and impactful and we can see the ROI and benefit right off the bat.
Frances Pomposo, Senior Director of Legal Operations and Chief of Staff to General Counsel
Easy to use, non coding automation platform w/ valuable customer support. Tonkean has increased our efficiency by reducing manual processes. By taking out the human in the loop when not necessary, we can also reduce errors caused by manual input.
Stephanie Cline, Team Lead, Front-Line Operation