Tonkean Announces OpenAI Integration, Bringing the Power of GPT to Procurement and Legal Processes

July 19, 2023
February 22, 2023
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Tonkean Announces OpenAI Integration, Bringing the Power of GPT to Procurement and Legal Processes

PALO ALTO, February 22, 2023 — Tonkean, the first-of-its-kind process experience platform, today announced the launch of its formal integration with OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research and deployment company. The integration couples the power of generative AI with the accessibility and customization of Tonkean’s no-code process experience software. 

Now, procurement and legal teams using Tonkean can leverage GPT-3 to make their internal processes more intelligent, personalized, and proactive—as well as maximize process adoption, compliance, and efficiency.

Customer-facing companies have long known that user experience is everything. The same applies within organizations, in the context of internal processes, like those managed by procurement, legal, HR or IT teams. Yet internal process experience lags far behind consumer user experience. As a result, internal process adoption tends to be very low. Too often, employees ignore legal and procurement processes altogether. This lowers efficiency and increases risk. The only way to change that is by improving the process experience for the requester, such that following these processes is easier and more useful to the end-user than circumventing them. 

That’s where Tonkean comes into play. 

“Tonkean is going to play a core role in our efforts to digitally transform our internal legacy processes,” says Mike Humphreys, Group Chief Technical Officer at Stagecoach, the UK’s largest bus operator. “The Tonkean-GPT integration is a game changing innovation. We plan to use it to automate our legacy invoicing processes, and we anticipate it will create accelerated value in other areas, as well.”

Tonkean users have long been able to create no-code automations that monitor and triage high-volume intake channels. Now, by running inputs through GPT-3, Tonkean can automatically classify and coordinate responses to unstructured inbound requests with much higher accuracy. Tonkean can also leverage GPT-3’s generative content capabilities to produce thoughtful, personalized responses, analyze risk, categorize the type and urgency of a request, and even suggest alternative paths to resolution. 

And because Tonkean integrates with every piece of technology your organization might use, employees on the other end can do things like submit purchase orders to the procurement team—or submit contract requests to Legal—from whatever application they like spending time in. Tonkean will complete the action automatically, or route it to the right people if more complex coordination is needed. No change management or context-switching required. 

This enables procurement and legal teams to create powerful, personalized process experiences that both incentivize and facilitate process adoption, as well as increase efficiency, lower risk, and reduce cost. 

“ChatGPT and other generative AI products have proven just how disruptive and practical AI can be,” says Sagi Eliyahu, CEO and co-founder of Tonkean. “But like any big leap in technology, to truly be disruptive, it has to be integrated into day-to day-workflows and processes. Internal processes have been left behind when it comes to experience. Tonkean helps internal teams build processes people actually follow. And now, with the power of GPT, companies can unlock a new level of value from their existing tools and investments.” 

With this launch, Tonkean made available three new platform components to use:

  • Tonkean ProcurementGPT: Fully automates all tail-spend processing (“three bids and a buy”) by automatically identifying appropriate purchase categories, analyzing vendors’ websites, extracting their benefits and capabilities, suggesting alternatives, and generating RFI/RFPs—ultimately reducing unnecessary spend. 
  • Tonkean LegalGPT: Fully automates the triaging of all incoming legal requests. Tonkean classifies the appropriate legal discipline and category of the request, identifies the level of urgency, potential impact, and relative risk, and—to help avoid costly mistakes—auto-escalates requests if needed.  
  • Tonkean InvoicesGPT: Fully automates the handling of all incoming invoices. Simply connect your email inbox or Google Drive in one click, and Tonkean will immediately analyze any PDF/invoice files to extract relevant fields, complete a three-way-matching verification, provide visibility into spend across vendors and departments, and update existing finance systems.

To learn more about how you can leverage Tonkean and OpenAI to improve process experiences inside your organization, visit, or follow Tonkean on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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